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At Caselogos we want to be your best supplier

Caselogos listen to your questions and evaluates your needs

How do we continue to develop innovative solutions to branding problems?

We start by listening to you.

At we are genuinely interested in making your product a success. That's because part of your success is dependent on the quality of our product. Whether you want your name to be bold and outstanding on an XL domed decal on the front of your product, or unobtrusive and subtle on the back, you want your name to stick - and so do we.

That's why we're listening to what you say you need. After all, no one knows your product better than you do and no one knows caselogos better than we do

So, please, take a moment to consider your situation:

  • What is the purpose of your decal?

  • What kind of surface will your decal stick to?

  • What kind of environment will the decal be exposed to?

  • What kind of design / artwork do you require?

Once we know the answers to those questions, we can find or develop the perfect solution for all of your decal applications.


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Caselogos Doming Research and Development Department

Doming and Adhesion Technologies

Finding solutions that research department

Our standard decals are available in 3 standard grades, economy, commercial and industrial. These decals will satisfy the needs of approximately 95% of our clients' applications.

But if you happen to have a difficult application, that's where our research team really shines. Working in partnership with our American suppliers, we have developed many products that can outlast, out-stick, and out-shine our competition.

caselogos resins are carefully formulatedDoming Technology

Our polyurethane resin are engineered and manufactured in the USA. We are constantly researching ways to improve our techniques and formulas.

All of the resins we use are suitable for extended outdoor use.

Call us if you have a special project, like domes that can withstand extreme heat or cold or other conditions. We love a challenge!

Creative Innovationscaselogos constantly improves formulas

Like to add a little something extra to your domed decal? Our technicians have come up with ways of adding dyes, glitters, even customized scents like strawberry or pine to your domes. 

Or maybe you need a super soft and pliable dome, or one that is rock hard?  Perhaps you want strange shapes, odd holes or embedments. If there is a way to dome it - we'll find it.


caselogos inks are formulated for vivid, long-lasting colorInks and Graphic Technology

We are constantly researching all of the latest imprinting technologies. We like to stay on the leading edge of the industry.

Our engineers are always tweaking our equipment and streamlining our work flow to make sure every print is as good as the first.


clean room technology for the best quality product

Clean Room Technology

Our doming labs and drying rooms are carefully monitored for consistent temperature and humidity providing the ideal condition for successful doming.

Air quality is also an important factor and that is why we employ air filtration systems to eliminate any contaminants that may interfere with the doming process. By implementing clean room technology in our production line, we are able to produce jobs that our competitors can't or won't take on. For instance, our XL domed decals can only be done right in a clean room laboratory environment.




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