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how caselogos are made


We use a crystal-clear polyurethane dome resin (contents contain proprietary trade secret) with a semi-flex 85 -90 durometer (hardness) rating which gives the domed decal excellent memory and stability. Our doming resins are auto/marine grade designed for extreme long term outdoor exposure as well as indoor use. Non-yellowing, non-discoloring, non-curling, good gloss retention, has excellent weathering characteristics, it is chemical resistant and will not crack over time.
Although the semi-flex 85-90 hardness proves to be satisfactory for most applications, we have the ability vary the dome durometer to make the dome softer or harder depending on your needs*.

We also have to ability to embed a scent or odor (i.e. strawberry) into the dome resin or to embed other additives depending on specific needs (i.e. Titanium)*

Our domes are RoHS compliant.

100% mercury free resin available.
Caselogos doming resins are manufactured right here in USA with highest quality purest grade polyurethane.

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*high quantity required

UV Clear Protective Coating

Some substrates and inks require a special clear UV coating for best performance. This service is included at no additional charge when needed.


At caselogos, we use the highest grade UV inks with the addition of UV inhibitors for more fade resistance, flexibility and superior bond. Produced from raw materials derived in the USA.


Our decals are cut from dimensionally stable vinyl and/or polyester. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use top-coated substrates for full color printing. We print directly on the substrate, giving you a primary bond between your print and your decal.

Backside Substrate/material pre-treatment
Our substrates are corona treated so that our adhesive chemically bonds to the decal. We do not skip this step in production. Other companies rely on a secondary bond rather than a chemical bond. This prevents decal from being able to pull off from the adhesive itself.


All of our adhesives are suitable for indoor/outdoor use, but we have the ability to use custom adhesives for special applications. So if you have had a problem a problem in the past - call us - we love a challenge!

Standard Grade
-SGA (Used on product #250)
Suited for one who has a budget in mind...
A permanent adhesive for use on many smooth surfaces with limited outdoor exposure less than 2 years is desired.

Commercial Grade -CGA (Used on product #230)
Most common, Suitable for most applications...
A high performance aggressive permanent adhesive for use on most smooth, frosted, semi-smooth, and semi-textured surfaces

Industrial Grade -IGA (Used on product #240)
Our highest standard grade adhesive available...
A thicker most aggressive permanent adhesive that offers high initial tack, high shear, and high ultimate bond to a wide variety of semi-smooth through rough textured surfaces including low- and high-surface energy plastics and painted metal. This adhesive is formulated to securely bond to a large variety of challenging surfaces.

Standard Removable Grade -SRA (Used on product #300)
An economical adhesive which is removable up to 6 months of application, primarily used on bumper stickers.
Limited outdoor exposure of less than 2 years.

Ultra Removable Grade -URA (Used on product #365)
A removable adhesive that does not leave residue. Very low tack. Used on smooth indoor surfaces only. Ideal for temporary wall graphics.

Repositionable Grade -RA (Used on product #365)
A removable and repositionable adhesive that does not leave residue. Used on smooth indoor or outdoor surfaces. Ideal for temporary vehicle graphics.

Custom Grade-XA
When none of the above formulas are sufficient, we can use or develop an adhesive for hard-to-adhere-to surfaces such as certain polypropylenes, polyethylenes, heavy textured metals, textured side ABS, etc.. depending on needs and application. Ask us and we will try to find a solution. Certain minimums apply.


Heavy 90lb to 110lb double coated backer sheet. Direct printing or labeling on backside available on some liners for branding, part # identification, promotion or additional effect.

Who Uses Caselogos?

We can find a reason for EVERYONE to use caselogos.
Our domed decals add a touch of beauty and "coolness" to every product, and everyone loves to touch them. Our domed decals are perfect for a variety of industries and make excellent informative or decorative elements for:

- Cars, trucks, tractors, boats and other vehicles

- Machines, tools and equipment

- Telephone systems, cellular phones, and mpg players

- Household electrics and appliances

- Computers, network servers and USB drives

- Home entertainment systems and components

- Packaging, labeling, name plates, badges and tags

- Manufacturer / craftsman nameplates for furniture or cabinetry

- Promotional products, advertising specialties, gadgets

- Souvenirs, store displays and general sales items

- Decorative items such as ornaments and coasters

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