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Caselogos Adhesives


All of our adhesives are suitable for indoor/outdoor use, but we have the ability to use custom adhesives for special applications. So if you have had a problem a problem in the past - call us - we love a challenge!

Standard Grade
-SGA (Used on product #250)
Suited for one who has a budget in mind...
A permanent adhesive for use on many smooth surfaces with limited outdoor exposure less than 2 years is desired.

Commercial Grade -CGA (Used on product #230)
Most common, Suitable for most applications...
A high performance aggressive permanent adhesive for use on most smooth, frosted, semi-smooth, and semi-textured surfaces

Industrial Grade -IGA (Used on product #240)
Our highest standard grade adhesive available...
A thicker most aggressive permanent adhesive that offers high initial tack, high shear, and high ultimate bond to a wide variety of semi-smooth through rough textured surfaces including low- and high-surface energy plastics and painted metal. This adhesive is formulated to securely bond to a large variety of challenging surfaces.

Standard Removable Grade -SRA (Used on product #300)
An economical adhesive which is removable up to 6 months of application, primarily used on bumper stickers.
Limited outdoor exposure of less than 2 years.

Ultra Removable Grade -URA (Used on product #365)
A removable adhesive that does not leave residue. Very low tack. Used on smooth indoor surfaces only. Ideal for temporary wall graphics.

Repositionable Grade -RA (Used on product #205)
A removable and repositionable adhesive that does not leave residue. Used on smooth indoor or outdoor surfaces. Ideal for temporary vehicle graphics.

Custom Grade-XA
When none of the above formulas are sufficient, we can use or develop an adhesive for hard-to-adhere-to surfaces such as certain polypropylenes, polyethylenes, heavy textured metals, textured side ABS, etc.. depending on needs and application. Ask us and we will try to find a solution. Certain minimums apply.





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