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Color Information:


Standard Colors:

Our standard screen printed colors are listed below. We have also listed a close PMS equivalent for each color for reference only. These colors may vary slightly from actual PMS colors listed and exact match to these colors is NOT guaranteed.

Monitor Display Colors vs. Printed Colors:

Actual printed colors WILL VARY from what you see on your computer monitor. Computer monitors all display colors differently and colors tend to show more vividly on screen than they do in print.

PMS Color Match:

If you need a particular color, please provide a PMS color number with your order. Prices for PMS color matches are listed on item pages. On some items, color match is FREE. Exact PMS match is not guaranteed on any item.

Special Considerations Regarding Color:

Domed decals are reflective and may change imprint colors slightly.  White spaces next to the colors may take on a slight hue of that color.  For example, reds are particularly reflected by the dome and will may make white areas of decal appear to be pink.

Clear decals will make your ink appear very transparent and an underlay of white is recommended for better color match. In some cases, shiny metallic decals tend to shine through ink colors and white underlay may be necessary to get a close match.

Ink printed on any color other than white will appear darker.

If color is VERY Important:

Please order a FREE sample of one of our standard colors, or place an order for a pre-production sample of your own custom decal.


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Standard Imprint Colors

Standard Screenprinting Colors

This screen printed color name is Rhodamine Rhodamine
(similar to PMS#226)
This screen printed color name is Red Red
(similar to PMS#186)
This screen printed color name is Orange Orange
(similar to PMS#172)
This screen printed color name is Yellow Yellow
(similar to PMS#102)
This screen printed color name is Green Green
(similar to PMS#334)
This screen printed color name is Forest Green Forest Green
(similar to PMS#349)
This screen printed color name is Purple Purple
(similar to PMS#2603)
This screen printed color name is Ultra Blue Ultra Blue
(similar to PMS#2748)
This screen printed color name is Light Blue Light Blue
(similar to PMS#300)
This screen printed color name is Black Black
This screen printed color name is White White
This screen printed color name is Metallic Silver Metallic Silver
(similar to PMS#877)
This screen printed color name is Metallic Gold Metallic Gold
(similar to PMS#872)





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